me liking your selfie could either mean “that’s a nice picture friend” or “i want to bend you over a table” but you’ll never know

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College ranting post

The application for most colleges opens August 1st (common app, UC’s, not sure about California state schools but I don’t care too much about sdsu lol) and I am absolutely terrified because it’s 5 days from now. I know everyone complains about not having money to pay for colleges and shit like that but my family really doesn’t… Sure we have extra spending money here and there but it’s just annoying that when you put your family’s income in the system, it tells you that the expected family contribution is 10% of your earnings? 10% is a lot. A lot that my family doesn’t have, considering a good 20% goes to taxes, the rest goes to bills and my siblings and me. Let me rant about nyu for one sec. Nyu is my absolute dream school. I haven’t visited the campus, but I have watched so many tv shows and movies based in NYC/NYU, I’ve read so many articles that included pictures. The people there seem so nice and it’s right in the heart of the city. My sister doesn’t tell me nice things very often but she told me “you really belong in New York” !!!! Like !!!!!! AHHHH. I tried to look up bad reviews to see the downside and the only downside I found was the tuition costs. I know I belong there but WHAT IF I DONT GET IN!!!!! I’m so afraid to get the email or letter or check the website or however the hell it works to see a “sorry you didn’t get in you’re not smart enough”. And then if a total miracle happens and I actually do get in, what if I can’t afford it… I read that NYU is very stingy about scholarships and financial aid, offering more financial aid and granting more scholarship money for the more desirable students who applied. I’m not desirable. I have an average GPA, subpar tests scores, terrible diversity regarding extracurriculars. I guess I just really have to woo them with my essay… I feel as if my essay won’t even be good enough to submit either… Knowing me, I’m going to think it’s a shit essay and I probably won’t even turn my application in lol. As for the other schools I’m applying to, it’s just going to be an annoyance for me. I’m applying to 9 schools total and the one I really actually care about is nyu. Whatever. I have to fake it till I make it. And hopefully I’ll make it where I want to be…



pi day fun facts: i memorized 434 digits of pi in the sixth grade to beat a kid who claimed he knew 500 just bc he was an asshole

he knew six

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